#idlehands #middleschool

Attention Middle School Boys of Room 239:

Whoever is slinging the sopping wet, brown globs of paper towels up to the ceiling in the upstairs boys bathroom- please meet Mr. Sands in the Custodian’s office at lunch. You’ll be slinging the (by now) cement-like paper pieces off of the ceiling until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building! (WHAAAA? You’ve never EVEN HEARD of Annie?!!!)

I imagine you’ll also miss playing Basketball Knock-Out in Gym today, as once ya’ll are done in the upstairs boy’s bathrooms, you can head on down to Ms. Rita’s art room where you can begin the tasty task of removing all of the Sparkling Grape Hubba-Bubba gum from underneath the art station desks (MMMMMM….sounds DELISH).

To the Middle School Boys AND Girls of Room 239:

Asking for 10 sentences to create a paragraph is NOT THAT DIFFICULT, people. You’ve spoken more sentences persuading me to drop the assignment just now.

Your classroom pencil sharpener is no longer available as your “office water cooler”. In addition, please arrange to have your brain wrap around the idea that I am a teacher. I hear all. I see all. I am all (Ladies and Gents, I was also once a middle-school student…).

Lastly, I suggest you find other outlets for your vertical pitching skills and masticating needs. And, for GOD’S SAKE stop snatching all of my rubber bands off of my desk…MY desk.

Fondly, Mrs. Wise


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