6th Grade Romance “Thanks for giving me a second chance”.

Found in 6th Grade Hallway (in 1998-waaaayyyy before texting and, well, you know…a lot of other things that a middle school child didn’t do that they now seem to excel at….use your imagination…) Oh, and it’s handwritten. In beautiful cursive. What? #thosewerethedays

Hi Adam,

Just thinking about you and me makes me think about our future. When we get older I want to have a family with you. I want to be married with you.  So do you think you can handle that. If you can’t, I will win you over. Also I can’t live or do anything without you in my heart.  My heart is filled up but with you it will more more filled with love. Also, I wish we could have a boy/girl with each other.

Tell me at lunch if you can handle that and if we can spend our lives together. Thanks for giving me a second chance. Even though what I did was stupid.



As I finish this blog excerpt, I’m realizing that I may have thwarted what could have been a beautiful and fulfilling relationship between two 11 year old children…whoopsie. #theycallmetheinterceptor



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