Dear Room 45 B:

Thanks for waiting so patiently outside the classroom door, so respectfully! What’s gotten into you 23 angst-ridden young adults to encourage you to act just so? Well, whatever it is, I’m loving it, you can head on in and begin your warm up-  continuing our unit on writing to Entertain and Inform.  (Who’s dealing with the flatulence??? and GROSS!!!!)

Brainstorm 10 ideas that you can use to begin building a written piece to Entertain and Inform-

So, let’s see here, what have we got on some of these lists:

Teachers and Students Switch for a Day: Nice! I like this idea- seems logical and probably can somehow turn the story into an entertaining piece of all the craziness that would ensue around here!

My Hot Lunch: Hmmm. Sounds dangerous.

Soda and Me: Sounds manic.

Clowns in the Courtyard– NEVER. I REPEAT. NEVER.

Dating on the Down-Low: Not even going to ask. And, no, I don’t believe you when you say you mean dating trends in Australia.

Hurling in Class: Sport or Sickness?

World Religions: Too broad.

Athlete’s Foot and the 12 Year Old: Too narrow.

The Lion, The Witch, and my Family’s Street Storage Pod: I’m sold.

Toilet Paper and the Middle School Mentality: Huh? No, thank you. Remove that hot mess from that tree immediately.

My Career as a Violinist: Should be interesting considering your instruments never actually seem to make it off that back radiator in our classroom to any music room or home…

Why Seating Arrangements Don’t Work in the Middle School Classroom:  Sounds like a personal problem-not a chance.

Chrome Books and Me: Seeing as how most of the keyboards have been manipulated and the letters are all switched up- “again, not a chance” and welcome to the pencil. You write with it. On paper. Buh Bye, 198 lb rotating Chrome Book Carts…

Why Middle School Is Dum: Well, I don’t think we need to wonder why on this suggestion…



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