“Dear Math, Please stop asking me to find your X. He’s not coming back.”

So, this is happening…Sweet Jesus, give me the strength to find out just how many more gallons of lemonade Maggie sold than Jackson. And if I just cannot seem to flawlessly execute such a lesson in front of 17 Friends with ants in their pants, and perhaps an administrator or observer or 2, forgive me.

For, Lord, you’ll remember the younger, easily frustrated and excitable, Mrs. Wise of days gone by. Hours of crying and quitting, furrowed angry eyebrows, lost in every math class from 9th grade and beyond. Heck, throw in one summer school class, with about 36 other younger, extremely frustrated and excitable high school students and, well, you get the picture (I mean, jeez, you ARE the Lord, of course you get the picture, no disrespect intended ). I want a better math experience for these Friends. I want a better math experience for me. I’m trying, Lord, won’t you help me? So, now that I have officially procrastinated for 46 plus, minutes, lead me, gracious Jesus, to the shining algorithm, that will lead me and 17 Friends to Math Testing Glory.MathAssessment

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