My tail (;)) as a middle school teacher has morphed into my tales of the many schools of life I have been forced, committed, dedicated to remembering, sustaining, complaining about.


not my student, but may as well be

The Classroom: It’s a sweaty time, middle school, and we all remember our years struggling to learn how to satisfy academia while posting proper social skills. This is your opportunity to be that fat, annoying fly on the wall. ¬†Observe as you buzz shamelessly around my classrooms, distracting 89% of the 12-14 year old students who can barely keep their eyes open. Welcome. You’re late. Please return to the Front Office and get a pass. No, you may not take a friend with you…

Please Note People: These entries are designed entirely for your entertainment-they are a mish-mash of ¬†experiences I’ve had in my lifelong career as a student and teacher. Make no mistake, these middle school kids are my people. The environment of today’s middle school classrooms simply breeds creativity….among other things. The pictures that accompany my entries are not now, nor in the past, have been my actual students-and were chosen after hours and hours of cold sober “image” research that this wonderful thing called the internet has so graciously provided me with.

The Wise-Life: Also a sweaty time, and I spend every waking moment struggling to learn how to satisfy the boys and manchild I live with while posting proper social skills. Please DO NOT USE THE FRONT PORCH DOOR, KIDS!!!! IT’S 98 lbs and will strike your achilles tendon with the force of an AX! I realize it’s only 7:29¬† a.m on a Sunday, but, please, feel free to pound on each door, shouting my children’s names until someone in the next neighborhood shouts COME IN. NO, we LOVE it when the basement refrigerator door is left open all day! Thanks for the reminder to buy 3 new gallons of milk and 2 new CHEESE trays that we purchased for the pot luck. So lucky to live our Wise-Life. Shut the door, you are cooling the entire friggin’ neighborhood.